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Weyl and the Problem of Space,
from Science to Philosophy

Konstanz, May 27–29 2015

During this workshop, we aim to deal with the Problem of Space, as it has been developped by Hermann Weyl, both in its philosophical and scientific dimensions (cf. joined presentation text below). This symposium is proposed by the Zukunftskolleg and the Department of Philosophy (University of Konstanz) and by Collège International de Philosophie (Paris), in partnership with CEPERC (Aix-en-Provence), and with the support of the "Pensée des Sciences" laboratory (ENS, Paris). This Workshop is linked to the CIPH seminar "The Question of Space as a Crossroads for Philosophy of Science", directed by Carlos Lobo.

Presentation Text Texte de Présentation
Poster Brochure
Zukunftskolleg Ciph Universitäts Konstanz
CEPERC Seventh Program E.U.
CFCUL Institut Français Transfers
Fachbereich Philosophie


Alexander AFRIAT REHSEIS, Paris Logic of Gauge
Charles ALUNNI E.N.S., Paris Hermann Weyl chez Gaston Bachelard. Un héritage riemannien.
Mark van ATTEN SND, Paris Can I count myself a king of infinitesimal space?
Eric AUDUREAU CEPERC, Aix-en-Provence Some difficulties in Weyl's solution to the (philosophical) problem of space
Francesca BIAGIOLI University of Konstanz Intuition and Conceptual Construction in Weyl’s Analysis of the Problem of Space.
Silvia de BIANCHI Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona From the problem of space to the epistemology of science.
Christophe ECKES Archives Poincaré, Nancy Groups and Manifolds : the variety of space problems in Weyl's work (1913-1927)
Carlos LOBO Collège International de PHilosophie, CFCUL Le résidu philosophique du problème de l’espace chez Weyl après l’AMPE.
Philippe NABONNAND Archives Poincaré, Nancy Les connections à partir de la correspondance entre Elie Cartan et Hermann Weyl.
Dominique PRADELLE University of  Paris IV
Le problème de la définition du continu : entre phénoménologie et intuitionnisme
Thomas RYCKMAN Stanford University A Weylian perspective on the infinite space of eternal inflation
Erhard SCHOLZ University of Wuppertal Context dependence and invariant aspects in Weyl's view of the space problem
Norman SIEROKA E.T.H., Zürich Hermann Weyl’s Neighbourhoods: 'Spaces' in Mathematics, Physics, Subjectivity, and Historiography
Jairo Da SILVA University of São Paulo Husserl and Weyl on the constitution of space
Benoît TIMMERMANS U.L.B., Bruxelles Espace et représentation: la tension philosophique entre géométrie et théorie des groupes chez Weyl

Confirmed Chairmen

Eva-Maria ENGELEN University of Konstanz Dina EMUNDTS University of Konstanz
Andrea LAILACH-HENNRICH University of Konstanz Erhard SCHOLZ University of Wuppertal

"Gedankengeflechte. Ein philosophischer Blick durch abstrakte und organische Kunst." From May the 20th to June the 16th 2015, at the BildungsTURM (Cultural Center of Konstanz), you can visit this exhibition, which is conceived as a dialogue between Art and Philosophy, mixing together artworks with philosophical texts that interpret them, by going over several possible meaning and problematics for the dual notions Form/Matter within the contemporary Plastic Arts.

How to reach Konstanz and the University

The workshop will take place at the University of Konstanz, (room to be specified later). You can have a look on the university map here. The main entrance of the university is directly connected by the bus lines 9A, 9B, 9C (connected to the main train station, in the center of Konstanz) and 11. The bus line 4 can also take you near the University.

In order to come to Konstanz, you can fly to Zürich International Airport and then get on train from the airport to Konstanz main station. Concerning this last part of your travel, there is one train departure every hour (in the middle of the day), and it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can also travel only by train (Deutsche Bahn). You can find interesting weblinks here.

Some advice if you come from PARIS: there are two natural ways by train, namely Paris-Strasbourg-Offenburg-Konstanz, and Paris-Zürich-Konstanz. You must allow a little more than 5 hours and a half.

Some advice if you come from Provence: by train, you are not compelled to go through Paris. You can use the line Marseille-Frankfurt and get off the train at Baden-Baden. Then, you have a train to Konstanz. By flight, there is no low-cost for Zürich from Marseille, but there some from Nice.


Konstanz is one of the most touristic areas of Germany. Then, you should book your room the soonest as possible, in order to be welcomed in the best conditions during your stay. If you are an invited speaker/participant, please contact rapidly the organizers to tell them your needs concerning the accomodation.

The hotel were the invited speaker will be is: Hotel Graf Zeppelin.

Organizers and Contacts

Julien Bernard Carlos Lobo Christoph Staufenbiel
Zukunftskolleg (contract ZIF-MC),
University of Konstanz Box 216
78457 Konstanz - Germany
Program Director
at the Collège International de Philosophie,
1 rue Descartes,
75005 Paris
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