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Forms and Matters. Gedankengelechte.

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Gedankengelechte. Ein philosophische Blick durch abstrakte und organische Kunst.

Through the weft, philosophical insights on the biomorphic plastic art.

This artistic exhibition, which will happen from the 21.05.2015 to the 14.06.2015 in BildungsTURM, Konstanz, Germany, is the result of a collaboration between Julie Pelletier, who is an artist, graduated from the "Ecole des Beaux-Arts" (Tours, France) and Julien Bernard, who is an academic researcher in philosophy. A book has been written (currently translated into English) about the way the contemporary plastic arts are questioning the traditional philosophical couple of notions: Form-Matter.

One part of the text is then used as a material within the exhibition.

You can see pictures of the artworks (work in progress) here: www.julie-pelletier-art.com and here: Blog.

Poster (Draft)

Introduction of the book (in French, temporary version).

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