Form and Matter - Livre

Dimanche, 07 Février 2016 09:35 J.B

Form and Matter in Three-Dimensional Biomorphic Art

Livre d'introduction aux problématiques philosophiques reliées à l'art sculptural biomorphique contemporain.

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This book is the result of an accounter between an artist and a philosopher working together on a same project. Their disciplines complement, interrogate and enrich each other. Julien Bernard offers us the possibility to comprehend contemporary art through the artistic work of Julie Pelletier. He gives us access to the artistic world under a new angle and highlights its content. The author discusses the work of the artist, along three lines of reflection. It all starts with matter and the manner in which the artist appropriates it. Then he considers form through its organic and poetic properties... Finally, he offers a new vision of the artist’s work through an interpretation close to his research in Philosophy of Science.





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